Akrogiali Hotel Restaurant

Delicious plates, cooked in the traditional way! This tradition we try to keep for thirty years and with a lot of taste and strict selection of raw materials to offer you the best snacks, the best food and the best prices along with the unsurpassed Greek hospitality that marries with the magic view.

This is in short description of the family tavern Akrogiali Hotel Restaurant,early in the morning with coffee, snacks , enjoying the crystal-clear sea under the summer sun at the beach-bar, taste traditional Greek cuisine and fresh fish from our restaurant during the day until late at night.

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If you are a fan of traditional Greek tastes, we have prepared for you a special place where we invite you to enjoy Greek traditional cuisine. Come and taste unique dishes, enchanting combinations of flavors with a magnificent view of the Argolic Gulf.

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Blue Sky

The wonderfully organized "Blue Sky" holiday resort with the panoramic view of the sea at first glance will captivate you. A visit to our restaurant will undoubtedly be a reason to extend your holiday.

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Ouzo dishes, fresh fish, local meats, pure ingredients and traditional local dishes are some of the key features of our kitchen that will satisfy even the most discerning tasters. Near the sea.

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Sun Set

For years, we have created a welcoming place with an atmosphere ideal to enjoy our fine cuisine. The well-known specialties of our store are now enriched with dishes of special requirements for a delicious delight.

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"Cowboy" Spiros Souvlaki

In a warm and inviting place, we are waiting for you at our grill, enjoying our tastes, from traditional souvlaki to our cooked food.

Pure materials, homemade atmosphere, homemade flavors are some of the features that make us professional in the field. Our main concern is impeccable service and respect for the customer.

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