Anavalos Beach

One of the many small and quiet beaches on the way from Argolida to Astros before the Xiropigado and after Kiveri. The beach is situated on the borders of the two prefectures and has sand and clear waters and it was named after known underwater karstic source of fresh water of Anavalos that originates in Kynouria and Argolida.

Beach Villas

This beach is known as Villas due to some of the houses on top of them, but from descriptions of older people in the area the original and first name of this beach is: Butterfly from colorful butterflies who found shelter and landscapes often.

Evangelistria Beach

Entering the Xiropigado from Argolida after the Evangelistria church we turn left into the first house next to the small olive grove. After a short downhill walk we will reach the quiet pebble beach with the caves under the houses.

Papadimitriou Beach

Before the Xiropigado on the left, we find continuously small bays with beautiful and quiet beaches. Here we will find a very beautiful sandy beach where we descend from a twisted iron staircase.

Cave Beach

The Cave is a beautiful beach in the center of the village. It was named after the two small rocky caves in the center of the beach. It has fine pebbles and beautiful waters.

Xiropigado Beach

The organized beach of Xiropigado with small white pebbles spreads along the settlement. On top of it we will find holiday homes, rentals, beach bars and taverns.

Port Beach

A small white pebble beach just right of the small pier of the settlement with sea colors being unique.

Tapia Beach

It is a secluded beach, ideal for complete isolation even in the middle of the summer. There is absolutely no infrastructure on the beach, and there is little natural shade, so bring some umbrella.


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